The Great Voyeur: observations on my sexual history

E-book word count: 28,957 words (98 pages)


Blurb: My most popular e-book…

Got no game? Me neither! Anecdotes from an unusual sex life, reaching back to my first memories as a sheltered pubescent kid, and following me growing up with a secret alter ego as voyeur. You might expect a narcissistic guide to the author’s cock and its travels – and that it is – but it’s also by turns funny, fascinating, cringe-worthy, eye-opening, warm and personal. You’ll watch a soul maintain its innocence and curiosity even while triggering booby traps all along the way. This book investigates both relationship sex and the industry that caters to our deepest fantasies. The work is remarkably readable. If you like Cosmo or, you’ll dig this!


Book Sample  (p.20):

One day she waltzed into my dorm in a right jaunty mood.

“Hi there!”  she piped.  “Remember how we were talking about what it would be like to have a ménage à trois?”

My ears pricked up; my heart suddenly raced.  “Oh yes.  Oh yes indeed!”

“Well, guess what?  I just had one!”

I was flabbergasted.  She gaily continued, “Remember that girl who owned the weasels?  Her and her boyfriend.  Although to be honest, he started reading the paper after awhile, because it was really her and me who were into it.”

“Uh, excuse me young lady,” I protested, “but the ménage we were talking about was supposed to include ME!”  Like I should have needed to explain that… Weasels on the loose!

She broke up with me some months later because she said she was bored.  “We never go out.  We never DO anything!” she complained.  “All we ever do is fuck!

“Um… and the problem is?”  I was genuinely bewildered.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed your work and give you stars for being one of the very few writers I’ve read that can handle sex in an intelligent way – and please don’t think that’s being damned with faint praise, just the opposite.

  2. Dear Russil
    I’ve enjoyed your Book in so many different Ways. It made me laugh, it made me think, it made me look in a mirror. Just great, authentic work. It’s always enlightening, when writers have the Passion and the guts to share their Personal adventures with their Readers. Thanks for all that.

  3. A great read. Despite the geographical distance (I’m from Australia) I can certainly relate to your story. Although I would consider myself less of a sexual traveller than you I can certainly agree with plenty of what you had to say. It was refreshing to see someone putting it all out there (so to speak!) in such an entertaining way while also provoking some thought and self-examination. I agree with David and Edoardo also. Love your work, off to read some more!

  4. I have never seen porn. I began reading this book unawares. I found the first part endearing and a beautifully fresh perspective on what happens to little boys in locker rooms. Your account is well-written, insightful and laugh-my-ass-off funny!…Then, as you matured, it took a darker turn, as you began shuffling through your sexual experiences. I was very interested in your ideas about how porn normalizes the phenomenal, making ordinary life rather wan and flaccid next to it. I thought a lot about how that effects choices and satisfactions from there. Meanwhile, I was working through my own perceptions and issues with men and sexuality… I became very disturbed toward the end: I felt as if I had just viewed porn against my will — that just by reading your exploits, I somehow had became the very Voyeur that you described yourself to be. And it hit me hard, how females become just collections of body-parts that are pleasing or not. It helped me make sense of many experiences relating to men. I cried all the next day, after finishing it. Huge racking sobs I didn’t even try to explain to myself. I just let it go. Memories of rejection, which paled before my memories as a cute young runaway girl who was eagerly groomed by a biker gang and ultimately cast aside.

    The book was beautifully written. And a challenge for me, to say the least, but it helped me to understand men more deeply and in ways i couldn’t have imagined! (So, for the rest of you, strap in!) Russil, I owe you a debt of gratitude. Even though the brush with the porn world was a bit traumatic, it was helpful in releasing/healing a lot of trauma that was still buried, evidently. So overall I found this book funny, poignant, horrifying — and very well done! Thank you for your straightforward treatment of a difficult topic and your edgy, authentic voice, Russil. It is greatly appreciated!

  5. Oh those innocent days of youth! Russil, you have put into words on paper – well, cyber paper – what people usually keep hidden in their memories about their youth. You did it funnily! I can picture your huge young eyes now looking up into that tree house! LOL Considering the gregarious guy you are as an adult, it was fabulous to have a peek-a-boo into your innocence – which has given us readers a peek into your adult mind now. Thank you for your honesty. 🙂

  6. A well written tome. Don’t be put off by the title: the book is a reflection on the author’s experiences – a very subtle handling of the subject. There are many moments of truth that you would be able to relate to. The book comes up as smooth reading. You would not want to put it down. Wishing the author all the best for his subsequent works.

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